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Here you will be able to access all mentoring events, seminars, and important announcements for SEQT-ECS members.

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Mentoring Sessions

SEQT-ECS Mentoring

The mentoring sessions of the ECS group connect you with university professors and experts in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to receive personalised guidance in your career.

Scientific Seminars

SEQT-ECS Webinar

Explore the world of biomedchem with leading experts from the pharmaceutical industry and academia in our webinars! Join us to discover their innovative research, professional trajectories, and personal experiences.

Scientific Seminars

Next Scientific Webinar

1. "What is beyond the drug?"    - Speaker: Dr Ana Martínez, CSIC-CIB   2. "Drug Discovery: the CRO perspective''.

Scientific Seminars

First SEQT-ECS Scientific Webinar

1. "Targeted Protein Degradation: from E3 ligases ligands to cancer drugs."    - Speaker: Dr Carles Galdeano, Universidad de Barcelona   2.